“I think the simple life, as an alternative, is so appealing for many people in contrast to the craziness of 2012 living. We’re not only disconnected from nature we’re disconnected from each other. We’ve lost our sense of community especially when talking about food. Think about the process of obtaining your food. You walk down long aisles, the choice for the one product is over the top and then you buy it from a person who you’ve never met, and attempt small talk then go home to re-heat the food and watch television and tweet about it. It’s a lonely system. Living simply means doing tasks to achieve a result. Chopping and splitting firewood, for example, is very rewarding. It keeps you warm, it gives you exercise, the endorphins flow and then at night the wood on the fire keeps you warm. It’s a lifestyle of action and result. That’s rewarding and us humans thrive on it. It’s innate.” (via rowanberries)
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